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Spiritual Counseling with Reverend Kathleen Hoffman

Pastor Reverend Kathleen Hoffman offers Mediumship readings as a Certified Medium,  which means she describes to you in detail the spirit loved ones and friends that come to her from the spirit side during your reading.   Kathleen is; Clairvoyant (seeing Spirit); Clairaudient (hearing spirit);  Clairsentient (Sensing Spirit); a Spirit Artist ( Draws Spirit;)  and Psychic (can view future).  Kathleen has been trained and certified to access the Akashic Records (through the pathway prayer).  The Akashic records contain the vibrational record of each individuals soul and their journey.  The Records contain all past, present, and future possibilities; and are an experiential body of knowledge and compassion.  Receiving an Akashic Record reading, can be extremely valuable as the soul's very essence, expression, potentials and purposes, can be revealed.  

Telephone Readings:
With telephone readings Kathleen is able to connect easily with the clients energy,  while on the telephone as this is no different than having a sitting with her face to face. 
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