Channeled Conversations With Myra Astorga

Saturday, May 26th Workshop 1-3 PM.  

Are you tired of playing the same old broken record in your life?  Had enough of the reoccurring experiences that prevents you from moving forward?

In this workshop, we focus on helping you understand your repeated behavioral patterns that causes you to remain feeling stuck.  You must understand why you continue to feel stuck before you begin seeing your true qualities.  You are guided in these channeled conversations through your questions.

You will:

- Receive tools to help you understand your behavioral patterns
- Teach you how to work with these patterns that keep you from moving forward in life
- Understand why you behave and express yourself in a certain way - from your Archetypes
- We will help you discover your Soul qualities which allows you to see your life direction
- Receive guidance in how to help free you from feelings of uncertainty
Keep in mind, Myra is not a medium to help you connect with passed loved ones. 

The purpose of her work is to teach

you how to know yourself through the process of understanding your behavioral patterns.
Those that have participated in this work have experienced

a wake up call, felt motivated and received a sense of clarity beginning to happen.

Workshop cost $40 with registration.  $45 for walk-ins.



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Saturday August 18, 2018  10:00 AM  ~  $20.00

Your spark of Divinity can be very revealing of your past and future energy levels.
Your Spiritual DNA can reveal which locations you visited before coming to earth plane along with astral plane education to which you were exposed.
The DNA may also reveal high or low harmonious levels with the universes.
The DNA can also be an indicator of healing needs to bring your being in compliance with Universe Sources to attain at-onement and harmony within yourself and your origin source

We will be having a Pot Luck dinner at the church with 

Nancy Ryall on Sunday 8/5 at 3:00 pm

Angelic Healing Session Saturday, June 23, 2018 1:30 PM Please join healer and teacher Patricia Butler of Heavenly Healing LLC for her Angelic Healing Session and receive a spiritual healing and a channeled angelic reading in a confidential group setting. Patricia’s angel encounter in 1993 blessed her with healing gifts from the Divine to share with others. Angelic healing sessions begin with wrapping everyone in God’s white light and love. Patricia will pray over each person, receiving, channeling healing energy from the Divine for one’s highest and best which includes a personalized quartz crystal. Patricia will also read and give each person an angelic reading she has received for them. With your spiritual healing, one’s healing intention is written and given to Patricia and with angel messages Patricia has received they are read privately and given to each person.Patricia must know your name by Wednesday June 20 for the Saturday June 23 session. Space is limited to the first six participants who sign up. Fee is $35. Please call Patricia at 508-364-1923 to register. 

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