Reverend Kathleen Hoffman is a nationally known ordained minster, certified medium, teacher and healer. Read More

Our Pastor

October 31, 2015~Wareham Elks

10am-5pm ~ ​2855 Cranberry Highway ~ 

East Wareham, MA

Our Annual Fund Psychic Fair Raiser

Please join us!  

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Star Project Fundraiser

Gallery Night with Rev. Kathleen:

November 19, 2015 ~

7:00-9:00pm    $20.00

Mediums Day:  

10/03 & 11/07

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Please join us for a glorious night of singing with the Angel Chicks (date to be announced)!

First Spiritualist Church of Onset

17 Highland Avenue

P.O Box 231

Onset, MA  02558


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October 26~Monday, 7-9 pm $20
Lecture/Philosophy on Pioneers of Past and Modern Spiritualist done by Judith Freeman & followed by a Demonstration of Mediumship by Alan Acton

"HAPPY THANKSGIVING!"  Remember to find something that you are grateful for ~ Gratitude brings more of what we are grateful for!  From Pastor Kathleen and the Board 

​First Spiritualist Church of Onset 

Alan Acton And Judith Freeman will be here from 10/25-10/31!  Don't miss an opportunity to see them!