December 20th, after service!  Santa has something for everyone!

Reverend Kathleen Hoffman is a nationally known ordained minster, certified medium, teacher and healer. Read More

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Gallery Night with

Rev. Kathleen:​​

December 11, 2015  

January 8, 2016

7:00-9:00pm    $20.00

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12/05/2015 & 01/02/2016

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​First Spiritualist Church of Onset 

Remembering the Birth of Master, Jesus,  who taught us how to forgive one another, to be kind and loving towards our brothers and sisters and to be of service to one another.    Forgiveness can take time, but so worth it,  because it frees the soul and gives us a renewed life,  in order to move in a direction of least resistance to our soul purpose.  "Merry Christmas"  and thank you all for being a part of our parish and being so loving and kind and helpful through the years~  God Bless You!    Love and Blessings,   Reverend Kathleen and the Board~