​First Spiritualist Church of Onset 

  17 Highland Avenue     P.O Box 231  Onset, MA  02558     774-454-3985

​"Happy  Valentines Day"!  Open your heart to all the good and abundance of love.... for yourself and others.


March 6, 2017
Flower Readings 



April 7, 2016

​SPECIAL JOINT SEANCE  and Evening of Spirit Communication with Alan Acton & Steve Hermann 

Mediumship Message Circle  w/ 

Reverend Kathleen:​​​

2/12/16, 7:00-9:00pm 

Georgette Biscari 3/17/16, 12-2:00pm w/ 

 Suggested Donation  $20.00

Mediums Day:  

02/06/16 & 3/5/16

15 minutes @ $20.00

 Future Classes:        

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1st News:​

Reverend Kathleen Hoffman 

is a nationally known

ordained minster, certified medium, teacher and healer. 

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Our Pastor

Angel Chicks singing 2/28/16 & 3/27/16