​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​August 7th

Rev. Jean Manderville

Jean is a Certified Medium, Commissioned Healer, and Ordained Minister with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches.  She teaches classes in Mediumship Development, Meditation, Meeting your Guides, accessing the Akashic Records, and how to clear the chakras and auric field.   She has been actively studying spirituality for 26 years. She is a board member of The First Spiritualist Church of Willimantic and is on the board of Pine Grove Spiritualist Camp. Jean is also a consultant of Spiritual Response Therapy which is a meticulous method for researching programs running in the soul that cause interferences in our passing our life's lessons. Once cleared we experience clarity in making healthier decisions for ourselves and a resolution can occur. We are freer once cleared of these interferences and can live a higher vibration life.

August 14th
Lori Doupe Sheridan

Lori Sheridan has been helping those who are grieving connect with their loved ones on the other side as a spiritual medium for nearly 20 years. Her ability to deliver evidential messages of love and comfort has touched individuals, students, and audiences of all sizes.  Whether in private sessions or at public events, Lori strives to bridge the gap between this world and the next with integrity, clarity and compassion. She believes love and life are eternal.  Her passion for uplifting others extends beyond psychic mediumship readings. Lori established Hope Ethereal in 2012, a center for spiritual, psychic, and mediumship development located in Norwell, Massachusetts. She hopes the educational programs offered foster hope, healing, and a deeper connection with spirit.

August 21st

Rev. Jason McCuish,

Pastor of The Greater Swampscott Spiritualist Church

A teacher by trade, Jason holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English. Shortly before his college graduation, Jason began seeing “Spirit” and quickly thereafter, found his way to the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism. Through his experiences and learning within the church, Jason has found his niche as one who works with humility for the church, at the high school where he teaches, on the football field as a coach, and in the greater community. Despite being exceptionally busy, Jason still gives freely of his time to teenagers and adults alike, demonstrating the role of a Pastor and spiritual individual through both his words and actions.

August 28th

Rev. Elaine Kuzmeskus Astrologer,

Author, Medium Teacher From the Onset Spiritualist church

Meet Elaine Kuzmeskus, author of nine books spanning topics of the supernatural. From Astrology to ghosts among us to speaking with those gone before through mediumship and in our dreams. A Spiritualist medium certified by the National Association of Spiritualist Churches, Elaine was born with the gift of clairvoyance and mediumship. During her over thirty years of mediumship, she has conducted many well-publicized séances including the 1997 Official Houdini Séance. In 2004, she wrote Soul Cycles, 2005 Connecticut Ghosts, and in 2007, Séance 101 which explores physical mediumship, and in 2010 her biography, The Making of a Medium  Her book, The Art of Mediumship, is a how-to book on clairvoyance, psychic investigation, and channeling. Dream Zone will teach you how to interpret dreams, as well as communicate with the other side of life. 


Our Service each Sunday evening begins with of a moment of Reflection, Prelude, Hymn and Declaration of Principles. Followed by healing/meditation, and lecture from our Pastor or guest Medium. Service concludes with Mediumship to confirm the continuity of life & fellowship.   All are Welcome to attend!​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​September 4th

Elizabeth Titterton

Elizabeth Titterton is a Clairvoyant Medium from the beautiful Mull of Kintyre in Scotland. She has been aware of her connection with Spirit since childhood.  Her work for Spirit has taken her to Canada, USA, Ireland and to various parts of the UK. Much of her early spiritual development was undertaken under the supervision of Gordon Smith’s Intuitive Studies Programme along with input from other important mentors and tools along the way.  Elizabeth offers private readings and she also works as a Platform Medium. She has also ran development classes for those interested in developing their connection with Spirit.  Elizabeth believes that compassion is at the heart of all she offers spiritually. For her the work with Spirit has always been about connecting in a heartfelt and personal way. She feels very privileged carrying out the work of Spirit.

September 11th
Rev John Rogers 

John Rogers is an internationally known Certified Medium with over 40 years of experience in communicating with loved ones and personal guides from the other side of life. He has demonstrated his work in the UK, the New England states, Iowa, Florida and New York. He is the author of several channeled books that help people understand the workings of spirit and their connection with us.  John has a sense of humor in his lectures. He is a frequent guest medium on local radio, Sirius international radio, and television. John’s readings are accurate and evidential. He believes that the truth is important when dealing with your loved ones. In many of his readings, he will also see the different colors that surround you as well as other aspects of your aura. He is able to interpret these colors and characteristics to provide a comprehensive description and interpretation of how your aura is relevant to you.

September 18th

Rev Steve Hermann

Highly acclaimed as a detailed and accurate medium, Reverend Stephen Hermann is a world famous medium with incredible talent. Through his highly detailed and accurate mediumship, Steve is able to provide first hand proof that life after death exists, by specific messages containing names, dates and places only known to the individual receiving the reading. As he makes contact with deceased loved ones, grief and loneliness disappear, and proper healing can take place.  Steve has been a student of yoga, meditation and Spiritualism for over four decades and holds credentials as an ordained minister, certified medium and teacher.  

September 24th

Rev Patricia Mellman

Reverend Patricia Mellman has studied new age and spiritualism for over 40 years and  is the owner of Mercury Rising Astrological Services.  Patricia Mellman is a Licentiate Spiritualist Minister, Certified Medium, Astrologer, Commissioned Spiritualist Healer, Reiki Master and a Tarot Card Reader. Currently, Patricia’s practice is working as an Evidential Medium, Practicing Astrologer and Tarot Consultant.  Her goal is to assist people to capture their natural abilities in order to assist them in setting goals and making the most beneficial life choices with the aid of the Spirit World, and their astrology chart, to assist others in realizing that life continues after the change called death. She endeavors to empower individuals with their astrological chart which is a tool to assist in the knowledge and ability of capturing their innate birth right and each individual's talents that are shown in the birth chart, but may lay dormant.

​​​Sunday Service Meeting will continue simultaneously inside the church until further notice.

Meeting ID: 841 2483 8899   Password: 941788

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August        2022

​​​​Sunday Services ~ 6:30-8:00 pm


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