October 1, 2017

Angela Clifford O'Louglin

certified Medium/Teacher

from The Greater Boston

Spiritualist church

October 8, 2017

Rev. Brad and Elizabeth

Gosselin from Lillydale

Camp in NY

October 15, 2017

Famous Medium

Domonic Boag

from the UK


October 22, 2017

Famous Medium

Domenic Boag

​From the UK

October 29, 2017

​Nancy Smith certified

Medium and Author

from Angel Scapes

Sunday Services ~ 6:30-8:00 pm

Our Service each Sunday evening begins with of a moment of Reflection, Prelude, Hymm and Declaration of Principles. Followed by healing/meditation, and lecture from our Pastor or guest Medium. Service concludes with Mediumship to confirm the continuity of life and fellowship. All are Welcome!

​First Spiritualist Church of Onset 


September 3,  2017

Pastor Rev. Kathleen


September 10, 2017

Brenda Cottingham

Internationaly known

Medium from the UK


September 17, 2017

Professor Andrew List

of NewEngland School

of Music

​​September 24,  2107

Ernie VandenBossche

Medium, Teacher, 

Master Hypnotist &

Bonnie Lee


know Physic Medium

Teacher  Master


 Put your loved ones’ name on a star……And a star will be placed on our ceiling in memory of your loved ones’, to form a constellation.  Every Sunday during our healing service we will honor your "STAR"!

A small star is $3.00

a medium start is $5.00

and a large star is $10.00.

Size options


November 5, 2017

Rev. Ron Monroe

from the Plymouth Spiritualist church

November 12, 2017

Kari Heistad


Coach Medium

from The Greator

Boston Church

November 19, 2017

Rev Kathleen

Pastor of Onset


November 26, 2107​

Lorriane Radice from

the Spiritualist Church

of Spiritual Growth In