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Sunday Service ~ Guest Lecturers

                  17 Highland Avenue                      Onset, MA  02558                      774-454-3985

Sunday Services ~ 6:30-8:00 pm

Our Service each Sunday evening begins with of a moment of Reflection, Prelude, Hymn and Declaration of Principles. Followed by healing/meditation, and lecture from our Pastor or guest Medium. Service concludes with Mediumship to confirm the continuity of life & fellowship. All are Welcome to attend!​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​March 7

Andrew List
Andrew has been actively serving spirit for many years. His mediumship training began at the

Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism with study with Rev. Erle Myers and since that time, he

has taken workshops and classes with many excellent mediums, including Robert Brown, Marjory Kite, Pat Campbell, Nancy Garber and John Carroll.  When he is not doing Mediumship Andrew is a Professor at Berkley School of Music in Boston.

March 14

Laura Joseph
Laura has a private practice on the water near the Atlantic ocean in Hingham, MA providing spiritually based holistic health enrichment through programs, services, events, groups, retreats, and classes since 2006.  She considers herself a healer, educator, speaker, a natural born intuitive, metaphysician, trauma survivor, health advocate, mentor, artist, writer & overall spiritual badass.  Laura has also been providing spiritual retreats throughout New England since 2012 to help others surrender to self care, journey into self discovery, and nurture their souls.

March 21

Reverend Sheila Leedy

Reverend Sheila Leedy is a Spiritualist medium, teacher and speaker. Her spiritual gifts include clairsentience, clairvoyance, and psychic abilities. In 1982 Sheila began her studies in earnest with Rev. Alma Reeves at Harmony Chapel in Phoenix, AZ.  Sheila's uplifting and unique style of mediumship and teaching has developed over the years spent attending classes, seminars and Spiritualist meetings nationally and abroad. Sheila has studied at the world renowned Arthur Findlay College of Spiritualism in England.

February 28

Derek Anderson & Rita Burnett

Derek Anderson
I am a Spiritual Medium and live in the lovely village of Inchture, near Dundee with my wife Gillian. I am a member of the SNU Church of The Spirit, Dundee. I have studied under International Medium June Field and I have had the pleasure to serve Churches all over Scotland and provide readings in England, Wales and Canada. I have been aware of Spirit for many years and feel privileged to work with the Spirit realms through trance, trance healing and Mediumship.

Rita Burnett
I am a Psychic Medium and live just outside the university town of St Andrews, Fife wth my husband and family. I am a member of the Love and Light Spiritual Centre, Dundee. I have studied at the SNU Arthur Finlay Centre in England and I am currently mentored by the Reverend Sandy Campbell. I started my Spiritual journey in 1990, although I have had predictive dreams from a young age. I have served Churches all over Scotland along with Sandy, and I am taking my spirit contact to a different level with Trance.


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​​​Sunday Service Meeting will NOT continue simultaneously inside the 

Church until proven safe to return​​;

Meeting ID: 841 2483 8899   Password: 941788

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