June 2021

June 9th:  Getting details from spirit

June 2nd:   NO CLASS

7:30-9:00 pm   
Class fee is $*5 for Members &

$10 for Non-members~

Open to the public 

(*unless otherwise noted)​

May 12th:  Cold case study for Mediumship Development

May 19th:Working with your guides

​​Wednesday Development Classes

June 23rd: Mediumship Development free to attendees

July 7th:   Intender's Manifesting Group MORE INFO

May 26th:  Mediumship Workers FREE for Attendees!

May 3rd & 5th:   The Intenders group #1 & #2 MORE INFO

Choose Member or Non Member

July 21st:  Mediumship Development with Bill Collier & Claudia Zuccolo  *$20  Special Price

July 14th:  Mediumship Development for all levels

              17 Highland Avenue            P.O.Box 231             Onset, MA  02558          774-454-3985

June 30th: Spirit Loved Ones Personality Development

June 16th: 1st & 2nd Chakras, Class w/Beverly Sylvia

July 28th: Mediumship Development Free to Visitors $10 for Mediums $5 for Member Mediums

May 2021

Becoming a medium is something that requires dedication and direction.

You will need many skills to develop mediumship, building upon the aptitude that you may already naturally have. ​​There is always more to learn and no matter how much you know about mediumship, there is always room for development and growth. Mediumship workshops and classes are an invaluable way of sharing experiences and knowledge.​


July 2021

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