Hi Kathleen,
I hope this email finds you well and happy.
From the moment I opened my spirit card, I was elated. On the front of the card was a direct message from the universe and my mother. 
The front of the card was framed by theater curtains. When I was younger I was on stage and my mother and I would always go to the theater. On the front of the card there was a book that said write with a quilled pen. After my mother passed I would have dreams that should wake me up and tell me to start writing. Also there was a red cardinal. After mom passed I started seeing red cardinals in her backyard which I had never seen before.  When I opened the card I couldn't believe validation and accuracy of my loved and not so loved ones.
My mother took center stage she was in the middle of the card.  I couldn't believe how many people came through. My grandmother, my father, stepfather, my aunt, my fiance who passed before his time, even my 2 babysitters that I had 40 + years ago, and let me not forget mom's dog that she loved so much.
There are about 20 different names of people that had passed. At first it took me a minute I didn't recognize a few of the names.  I put the card down and remembered one of the names. The name was last name of the man that my aunt truly loved in the 1960s and they were going to get married and he fell down a flight of stairs and he was killed instantly.  There was another name I couldn't place and then I realized it was my old Street I used to live on. Also there were phrases that were right on the money. The phrase I'd like to share here would be don't cry over spilled milk. That phrase was right over a piano that have been drawn on the card.  I always felt bad that my grandma's piano was given away and to this day I was bothered by it.
That was a direct quote for my grandma because she always would just say don't cry over spilled milk,  let it go and mom used to say the same.  I could go on and on and on. I'm just touching the tip of the iceberg with the information from Spirit and the validation that Reverend Kathleen was able to put into paper.   When I turned the card over to the back side there was a message from my mom who passed in 2019.  The message was as if my mother was right here talking to me. In the message she told me to start to write and the words would come to me. What is very evidential about this message is because when my mother first past should wake me up at 3 in the morning and say get up and write. 
I will always cherish this card and I'm so thankful what that Reverend Kathleen has the gift of bringing our loved ones near and putting them on paper along with their messages. 

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Rev. Kathleen, 
Thank you so very much for the beautiful spirit card you made for my sister . Our whole family enjoyed it so much. We will be in touch schedule more soon . ❤️Thank you for doing what you do and for being you.
Truly Grateful,

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